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Jay Amor is one of the pioneers of the Stunt business in Florida. Not only is he a successful Stuntman/Stuntcoordinator and Precision Driver with twenty-five years experience as a Screen Actors Guild / A.F.T.R.A member.

He is a talented Actor as well, with hundreds of Commercials, Film and Television credits under his belt. Jay has learned and trained with the best Stuntcoordinators and Stuntpeople in the World.

In 1998, Jay formed Action Coordinators Inc. to supply the film industry with the best stuntpeople, precision stunt drivers, and the latest in safety equipment in the southeastern part of the United States, Caribbean the Latin and European markets.

His motto is " Safety First". Because of his many years of experience working in front of the camera and behind the camera, he can give you the shots you need in the safest way possible

Height: 5'11'' Waist: 34
Weight: 185 lbs Inseam: 31
Hair: Brown Shoe Size: 11
Eye Color: Hazel Glove Size: Medium
Coat: 44R Hat Size: 7 1/4
Sleeve: 34 Neck: 16 1/2
Danny Nucci Tcheky Karyo
Phil Michelson Dan Marino
Ian McShane